The Team

Hi, we are James and Becky, a husband and wife team, a partnership in every sense of the word, and keeping the strong family theme; this year, we are delighted to add Kay, our daughter, to Platform House. With Kay in the team, we can now offer Copy Editing and Proofreading to our services.

The ethos behind Platform House is to combine quality, affordability and support for the independent author community. We value our clients, working closely with them every step of the way; with them returning time and time again, it is great to see we are achieving our goal. In the spirit of this, we invite to you Subscribe to our Newsletter to receive exclusive offers and discounts.

“I am creative by nature, being a professional chef, though, recently, I’ve nurtured my passion and flair for design. Now more often than not, you will find me drinking coffee whilst creating book covers and book trailers. Our trailers have become one of our most popular services; these elevate your book promotion to another level.”

“Being an indie author, supporting fellow writers is at the heart of Platform House. I know how daunting it can be starting your publishing journey, often feeling you are trudging through a mire of confusing information. I never claim to be an expert, but I have gained a wealth of knowledge and am always happy to help others.”

“I have a passion for books and love to read, enjoying nothing more than getting lost in the pages of a gripping psychological thriller, gothic horror or even a steamy romance novel. I have a keen and meticulous eye for detail. As well as being a copy editor and proofreader, I have an honours degree in business management.”